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Compton Avenue Exterior Visual Main

Compton Avenue
Highgate, London (Residential) / £5m

A substantial conversion and extension of a C.H.B. Quennell house in Compton Avenue, Highgate. 

The proposal retains the historic Quennell house and enlarges it with an addition of two side wings and a single storey contemporary extension to the rear.  A new basement is proposed underneath the existing dwelling - containing ancillary accommodation, swimming pool, sauna, gym and cinema. 

The main point of reference has been the suburban Arts and Crafts house typology which is found pervasively within the surrounding context. Key elements have been retained from this historical typology including the plan form, mass, spatial hierarchy and materiality. 

The internal layouts have been developed to provide quality luxury internal environments filled with light. These spaces are intended to be highly desirable for contemporary ways of living, yet also speak to the original design intent of the arts and crafts home. 

The rear extension is proposed as an abstraction of the classical order and with the use of contemporary materials, it relates in terms of tone and materiality to the surrounding context. 

Compton Avenue Exterior Visual Rear
Compton Avenue Elevation Front
Compton Avenue Elevation Rear
Compton Avenue Interior Visual Hallway
Compton Avenue Interior Visual Kitchen
Compton Avenue Interior Visual Pool
Compton Avenue Plan Basement
Compton Avenue Plan GF
Compton Avenue Plan FF

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