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Guilford Street
Russell Square, London (Residential) / £2m (on-site)

Guilford Street is a major refurbishment of a Grade II listed Georgian townhouse in central London for an Islamic art dealer. Careful refurbishment, reinstatement and intervention seek to form a balance of old and new that provides for the needs of the client and their family whilst celebrating the beauty of the original property.

Formal adjustments to the scheme are minimal. Internally much of the original layout is preserved. Externally, the additional rear extension strives to create a dialogue with neighbouring extensions. Carefully located planted courtyards mask elements of the extension whilst creating outdoor amenity for the client Additional planting has been provided at first floor level to provide screening with neighbouring properties.

Materially a palette has been selected that draws heavily from Georgian precedent. Where necessary addition occurs to the house, materials have been chosen that have an inherent calmness. Muted colours and naturally finished elements allow the Georgian qualities of the building to take centre stage.


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