Knoll Oak Exterior Visual West Elevation

Knoll Oak
Northwood, UK (Residential) / £15m

The proposal at Knoll Oak sees the demolition of the existing vacant building and the redevelopment of the site for a new landmark residential apartment complex. 

The scheme will deliver 29 new luxury residential units with a focus on the quality of space. Each unit will have a generous private amenity area with access to communal gardens and woodland walks. 

The structural and tectonic language is clearly expressed and becomes a driver for the form and articulation of the building. Loggias and recessed balconies are integrated into the façade, their inflections create differing light and shadow paths, which produces a softness to the form.

The building and its architecture can be read as a sculptural object set within a densely wooded landscape and formal crafted gardens. It has been conceived as a grand palatial house with a colonnaded structural logic. 

Knoll Oak Site Plan
Knoll Oak Exterior Visual Corner
Knoll Oak Exterior Visual
Knoll Oak Exterior Visual South Elevation
Knoll Oak Exterior Visual North Elevation
Knoll Oak West Elevation
Knoll Oak South Elevation
Knoll Oak North Elevation
Knoll Oak East Elevation

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